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Coast Guard Cutter 44355


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For a number of years, the retired Coast Guard Cutter 44355 was on display at the Bayview Park. Bayview Park is located across from the Long Beach Township Municipal Buildings on Long Beach Boulevard.

44355 was a self righting motor lifeboat. She served at the Beach Haven Coast Guard Station for 30 years.  She was saved from the salvage yard and put on display in Bayview Park around 2000. She was moved to the Tuckerton Seaport around 2014.

Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat 44355
Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat 44355
Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat 44355 Port Side View
Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat 44355 Port Side View

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  • While serving at Beach Haven Coast Guard Station in 1966 and 67, among other duties, I was an offshore duty boat coxswain. We received the 44355 new from beginning built at the Coast Guards Curtis Bay Maryland ship yard. In its day, it was among the best built boats in the world. Almost 300 were constructed and distributed to life boat stations on both Atlantic and Pacific shores. Thru five decades of service the 44 foot, 20 ton, self righting motor lifeboats were credited with saving hundreds of lives and millions of dollars in vessels.

    • While serving at Beach Haven in 1974 or 1975, 44355 rolled over one night in December 5 to 10 miles out. It came back up in about 2 minutes. No working engines but the radio works. Call for help. Out comes a 4 engine cutter from Atlantic City, lost 3 of 4 engines and returned without 44355. Bad storm. Afraid for broadsides to roll again. Out comes helo from Cape May. Too rough to get crew of 44355 so helicopter went back. My three friends on that boat were picked up in the morning and flown to hospital with frost bite. That was the 44355.

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