Antoinetta's Restaurant on the bay in West Creek NJ

Antoinetta’s Restaurant in West Creek, NJ


Antoinetta’s Restaurant is a Victorian Style Building on the Bay in West Creek, New Jersey.  It is accessible by boat from LBI.  My son and I would visit on our Seadoo for lunch.

We always feel welcome there.  When we go, we pack a decent shirt to change into before entering the dining room.  The food is always excellent and the bay views are great. The bay looks different when you are sitting down and enjoying some fine Italian food compared with the view from the Seadoo at 50 MPH on the way over.

Check out their site for more information

By Water

The approaches to Antionetta’s are typical of the bay. Watch for shallow water and crab pots. When we went by Seadoo, if the floating dock had other boats docked or when the main dock was under construction,  my son would drop me at the boat ramp and then come around to the restaurant.  The docks were a bit of a stretch to reach from the Seadoo at low tide.

Also, note that Antionetta’s is not on West Creek itself even though the address says “West Creek”. It is about two miles north of West Creek.

By Land

For some reason, Google Maps in Jan 2018 seems to indicate that Antionetta’s is about one mile from land in the bay. That is not the case. There is adequate parking by the restaurant.

NOTE – the pictures below were taken at different times. I’m not sure of the condition of the docks currently.

Antoinetta's Restaurant on the bay in West Creek NJ
Antoinetta’s Restaurant on the bay in West Creek NJ
Seadoo at the Floating Dock at Antionetta's Restaurant
Seadoo at the Floating Dock at Antionetta’s Restaurant
Antionetta's Restaurant
Antionetta’s Restaurant

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