LBI Webcams

LBI Webcams


If you want to see what is happening on the island or just do a five minute virtual visit, here are some LBI webcams. UPDATE – New cam added – A great view of the bay and ocean from Harvey Cedars. (11/18/19)

Please leave a comment if you find that a camera is offline or if you know of other LBI cameras.

New cameras

  •  Harvey Cedars added a camera to their tower. This has a fantastic view of the ocean, boulevard and bay. The camera auto pans to the various views. (LBIViews Editor’s Choice) .


  • Brant Beach Yacht Club  –  This is an excellent camera with a view of the docks and bay from the Brant Beach Yacht Club. You can pan and zoom the camera. Take control by clicking the joystick button. (LBIViews Editor’s Choice)
  • Marsh Camera – A view of a salt marsh on LBI. Don’t get too excited watching this.

Weather Cameras

  • Wunderground  Weather Cameras –  Webcams from Weather Underground Spotters on LBI. Click on any of the small images to see the webcam. Then click the image again for a larger view.

Traffic and Surf Cameras

Boulevard & 28th, 38th and Holgate

  • Traffic Cameras 38th and the Boulevard.  This is a traffic cam of 38th and the Boulevard.  NOTE – use the drop down box as shown in the image below. That will give you access to all 4 cameras. This is probably the best set of cameras to show flooding on the boulevard. (LBIViews Editor’s Choice) Traffic Cams (Two cameras on Route 72) Traffic Cams will show a map. There are two cameras local to Long Beach Island. One is at 72 and the Garden State Parkway. The other is at Route 72 and Route 9.  Zoom and pan the map and click on the appropriate camera icon. cameras

The cameras are the same feeds as the “At the Shore” cameras listed below. However, they seem to be a little more stable. 

At the Shore

This is a collection of traffic and surf cams. The site seems a bit unstable but the cameras are very good location-wise. (note – check out the cameras above. They are the same feeds but seem more reliable.

Direct Links below – Try these first. If they don’t work, try the directions below. Note – You usually have to “X” out of the first ad. They second ad will fade in a few seconds. (LBIViews Editor’s Choice)

Alternative path to At The Shore.

  • Go to the AtTheShore page
  • Scroll down to Long Beach Island and click
  • Choose one of the cameras
  • When the camera appears, you will probably have to “X” out one or two overlay ads. The ads fade over a second or two after you X them out.
  • Note – you might get an M3U8 error on some of the cameras. This is a technical issue with the cameras. I’m not sure how consistent the error is.

Surf Cameras

Webcams in other New Jersey Shore Towns.

Offline Cameras

A lot of cameras have gone offline or just plain wonky since this list was first published. I’m leaving the links here for a while in case they come back online

  • LBI Cams  Links to cameras on Long Beach Island: Causeway traffic, bay and ocean views. There are also cameras for Cape May, Atlantic City, Ocean City MD, Ocean City NJ, Philadelphia and others. This is an EXCELLENT collection of webcams. (live, night) . Down as of April 2019. The page shows but the streams are not available. In addition, the page itself seems to be broken for LBI. Cameras in some other locations seem to be working. .
  • This appears to be the camera source for The LBI streams are broken as of April 2018. However, streams for other locations seem to be mostly working.
  • Fantasy Island – A view of Fantasy Island in Beach Haven – OFFLINE as of April 2019
  • The Flow House – Streaming from the Flow House in Beach Haven. Offline as of Jan 26 2018. This may be seasonal
  • Harvey Cedars Marina – Still shots of the marina and bay periodically updated OFFLINE as of April 2019
  • Barnegat Inlet – A view of Barnegat inlet. OFFLINE as of April 2019

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  3. 7/1/2019 Missing the Beach Haven live camera for a few days. Message reads video error. Hope it can be fixed. Getting that view live is a great stress reliever when you’re not at the shore.

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