Ferris Wheel - Fantasy Island in Beach Haven on LBI 2020

Fantasy Island Arcade and Amusement Park in Beach Haven


Update 2020 – Fantasy Island is open with some restrictions such as masks, distancing and limited occupancy. BUT IT IS OPEN!

Fantasy Island is an arcade and amusement park in Beach Haven. Prior to it’s life as Fantasy Island, it was known as Hartman’s.

When you enter Fantasy Island, the casino is on your left. The casino has arcade and skill games with a large selection of prizes. On the right is an old style electronic shooting gallery.  There are rides for children and adults. In the rear of the park you can find The Scrambler and Bumper Cars.  If you want to go back to simpler rides, there is a carousel. You can view the fantasy island web cam for a real time view of the park.  See our webcam page for other LBI webcams.  There are numerous carnival type skill games. If you are hungry, and you will be when you smell the funnel cakes and other goodies, they have a grill and ice cream parlor.

When the park was Hartmans there were two landmarks. The first was a huge metal ‘robot’ made of car bodies and parts. That hulked over the park. The second was a large slide with about 10 lanes. At the time, it was one of the taller structures in Beach Haven. It made a good landmark for boaters in the days before GPS.

NOTE – A fire destroyed the Ice Cream Store in the winter of 2020. As of July it has not reopened.

Fantasy Island Arcade and Amusement Park in Beach Haven
Fantasy Island Arcade and Amusement Park in Beach Haven

A view of Fantasy Island from the Thundering Surf Waterslide.

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