The Rip Tide, formerly The Antlers


The Rip Tide was on Dock Road adjacent to the Ketch (formerly the Acme).

The Rip Tide was a bar on Dock Road. It was next to the Acme Bar. Herb Fieler, a noted organist played there as well as at other venues on the island.

The building started as a gunning club, The Antlers. During Prohibition it was a Speakeasy.  Around the mid 1950’s the bar was converted to a country western venue. In 1956 it was purchased by Herb Fieler, the organist.  He named it The Rip Tide.

In 1973 the liquor license was purchased by the Mashcall Family. The Mascall family were founders of Bay Village. The liquor license was then used at The Tide which was located where the Surf City Brewery is now located in Bay Village.  The Tide was one of the trendier nightspots with more of a disco flavor.

The Rip Tide / Antlers  building was demolished in late 2008. It doesn’t look like much in this photo but at one time it was a popular nightspot.

See a 1963 ad for the Rip Tide from a free map.

The Rip Tide / The Antlers in Beach Haven before demolition
The Rip Tide / The Antlers in Beach Haven before demolition circa 2004

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  1. I was a line cook at the Mooring Restaurant in Bay Village in 1973 when John Maschal, who owned Bay Village, bought the Rip Tide Bar. It took awhile to get municipal approval to move the license to The Tide Lounge in Bay Village, which did not happen until early 1974. During the last summer of the Rip Tide Bar in 1973, I was asked to cover for the cook at the Rip Tide Bar on his one night off, which I did. At that point, the Rip Tide Bar was a remnant of the 1940s and it showed. People, mostly 40 to 70, used to sit at the bar and play instruments (tambourine and rattles) while Herb Fieler played the organ. After the bar closed, Maschal still owned the building and from 1974 into the 1980s the bands playing at the Tide Lounge used to stay in the apartment above the old Rip Tide. When I was executive chef at the Mooring Restaurant in 1980, I lived in the apartment above the old Rip Tide that summer.

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