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Garvey and Jersey skiff races on Long Beach Island Beach Island


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Throughout the summer season and especially in the fall, you can hear the roar of Jersey skiff and Garvey races on on the bay.

A Racing Garvey at the Beach Haven Boat Ramp
A Racing Garvey at the Beach Haven Boat Ramp

These races have been a long-standing tradition on the island. The events consists of specialized high powered boats racing around a circuit in the bay.

The events are held close to shore to allow for spectators on land and in boats.

The events in Beach Haven are held in the bay just off the Bay Beach on 9th Street. The boat ramp there allows the racing boats to be easily launched.

A Garvey is a flat bottom boat between 15 and 25 ft. The bow of a Garvey is is flat, not pointed like a traditional boat. Garvey’s were originally used by clammers and fisherman working the bay.

The Jersey skiff has a more traditional pointed bow and and much more free board.

The engines or large block inboard engines. In almost all cases, there is no Muffler. This provides and exciting atmosphere for the race fans. However it can be an immense annoyance to anyone trying to enjoy a peaceful day at the shore.

Check the Jersey Shore Boat Racing Facebook Page for more information including schedules of upcoming races.

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