Noaa Tide chart sample - Beach Haven Coast Guard Station

Tide charts for Long Beach Island


Here is a list of tide charts for Long Beach Island. These can help you see when the worst impact of a storm will occur

The tide cycle is generally a little over 12 hours between high tides. The low tide is generally about 6 hours after the high tide. The tide cycle being over 12 hours means that that high tide will appear about an hour later each day.

Note – use the tide charts at your own risk

Tide Sites:

These are sites showing tide charts in various formats. – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

  • – A good graphical and text representation of tides.

This provides an easy to read graph of the tides as well as classic tide tables.

Marine Weather

  • Marine Weather – Weather and tides. If you aren’t sure of the location, try “Little Egg Harbor”, “Great Bay” or “Barnegat Bay”

Willy Weather

The links below are direct links to the tide charts from

Little Egg Harbor (South of the causeway)

Barnegat Bay (North of the causeway)

Android apps with buoy information


The Seaside app shows tides for buoys along the coast as well as barometric pressure, air temperature and water temperature.

Seaside Android app showing buoy information

You can select the nearest buoy or buoys. The overview will give you the air and water temperature if currently available 


Seaside Android app - General Buoy information
Seaside Android app - Water Temperature Trend

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