The Black Pearl at her Dock

The Black Pearl


The Black Pearl offers cruises of Little Egg Harbor Bay. We took a fantastic sunset cruise in 2018.

The Black Pearl at dock

If you plan on taking a cruise, be sure to make reservations early. The cruises book up quickly. You need to take a chance on the weather. In our case, we really lucked out.

There were two people with special needs. The crew was very accommodating with these guests.

Partying during the sunset cruise on the Black Pearl.
Partying on the Black Pearl

The cruise includes music. You can purchase drinks at the bar on the main deck. Hint – The quarterdeck (Upper deck at the stern) has an even better view than the main deck.

The captain wasn’t in any rush to get us back in. He kept us out for the full extent of the sunset. We headed north to the Spray Beach Yacht club, then turned around and headed south. We thought that was the end of the trip when we reached Beach Haven, but he took us south through Liberty Thoroughfare. We exited the thoroughfare at the South and and headed north back to the dock.

Beach Haven from the bay
Beach Haven from the bay at the north end of Liberty Thoroughfare
17th Street in North Beach Haven from the bay.
The Beach Haven Yacht Club
The A.J. Meerwald

The A.J. Meerwald was also out for a cruise. As we returned, she was furling her sails preparing to dock. For more information, visit The Black Pearl’s site. The do Pirate Cruises during the day and a Fourth of July Fireworks cruise.

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