1970s - 14' Crestliner with a 22hp White Mercury Outboard

1970’s – 14′ Crestliner with a white 22 hp Mercury Outboard


A photo of a 14′ Crestliner boat with a white 22 HP Mercury Engine.

1970's 14' Crestliner with a 22HP white Mercury Outboard.

The 22 HP engine actually had enough power with a three bladed lower pitched propeller to pull a skier with 2 people in the boat. Gramted. the skier had to be fairly good.

The engine was fairly reliable. One problem was that the rubber over the kill switch deteriorated over the years. If you were wet, it was a battle of wills to hang on while getting shocked long enough to kill the engine.

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2 thoughts on “1970’s – 14′ Crestliner with a white 22 hp Mercury Outboard”

  1. Yes, my brother and I had that 22 hp in the 1960s and it did pull us on skis. It had a bit of trouble
    with a deep water single ski start though. Would have loved at 35 hp but I didn’t think my little
    14′ wood boat could handle it. Back then I believe that a 75hp was as big a they came- and they
    were enormous. Imaging putting 4 of them on the back of the boat to equal one modern day 300hp.

    1. I switched to a 3 bladed prop with a lower pitch for skiing. I lost a knot or so at top end but the prop made skiing better.

      I was reminiscing with a friend a week or so ago about the “Suicide Mercs” those were in the 75 – 90 HP range and were either direct drive with no gears or direct reversing where you had to shut it down, shift into reverse and restart..

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