A look at Long Beach Island, New Jersey

1963 ad for Noller’s Diner in Beach Haven.


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Noller’s is currently Fred’s Beach Haven Diner. The interior, especially the diner part, retains the 1960’s retro feel. 

1963 ad for Noller's Diner and Seafood Restaurant in Beach Haven, NJ

This is an ad for Noller’s Diner from a free 1963 map. It was air-conditioned back in 1963. I’m not sure what good streamlining does as it hasn’t moved in 50+ years. The restaurant is now Fred’s Beach Haven Diner (as of 2019). As of 2020, Fred’s is closed and for sale. 

Note the cars and phone booth. 

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3 Responses to 1963 ad for Noller’s Diner in Beach Haven.

  • Lunch at Noller’s – summer of ’57 – worked at Carl’s Esso, immediately north of diner.
    Twenty-five-cent burgers – boss was buying (one day), so I ate twelve! (and an iced tea…)

  • I waitressed in the restaurant section in the summer of ’71 and rented a tiny room at the Carriage House on Coral Street. What a blast we had. Great memories!

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