A look at Long Beach Island, New Jersey

1963 ad for Parker’s Terminal Variety


A long gone variety store in Beach Haven New Jersey. 


 This was an ad on a free map from 1963 for Parker’s Terminal Variety in Beach Haven NJ. The store offered a variety of products and services. 

  • Public Service Greyhound Ticket Agency. 
  • Western Union Telegraph. This was at a time when many summer homes did not have a telephone. 
  • Novelties, gifts, toys, souvineers, candy, ice cream, newspapers, magazines, post cards. 
  • It boasted that it was open year round and available for your ‘late night shopping needs’. Who needed a WaWa?  You could get Eggs, Bread, Butter, Milk and even take out sodas. 
  • There is a signs that say “Hardware” and “Keys Made”.


Parker's Terminal Variety in Beach Haven NJ from a 1963 ad.

Parker’s was located at 300 S. Bay Avenue in Beach Haven. The location now consists of residences. 


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