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1963 ad for Parker’s Terminal Variety


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A long gone variety store in Beach Haven New Jersey. 


 This was an ad on a free map from 1963 for Parker’s Terminal Variety in Beach Haven NJ. The store offered a variety of products and services. 

  • Public Service Greyhound Ticket Agency. 
  • Western Union Telegraph. This was at a time when many summer homes did not have a telephone. 
  • Novelties, gifts, toys, souvineers, candy, ice cream, newspapers, magazines, post cards. 
  • It boasted that it was open year round and available for your ‘late night shopping needs’. Who needed a WaWa?  You could get Eggs, Bread, Butter, Milk and even take out sodas. 
  • There is a signs that say “Hardware” and “Keys Made”.


Parker's Terminal Variety in Beach Haven NJ from a 1963 ad.

Parker’s was located at 300 S. Bay Avenue in Beach Haven. The location now consists of residences. 


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2 Responses to 1963 ad for Parker’s Terminal Variety

  • This was owned by my Grandfather and Uncle Leslie and Lester Parker. My Mother worked there. Thanks for sharing the old ad.

    • Thanks for sharing your connection.

      My grandfather visited Port Republic as a child. In his early 20’s he would stay with a family in Tuckerton by the name of Parker. If I remember correctly, Tommy Parker might have been in command of the Little Egg Coast Guard Station. Unfortunately my Grandfather has long since passed as well as my Father so I’m going by memory.

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