A look at Long Beach Island, New Jersey

1963 – Herb Feiler’s Rip Tide Bar.


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An add on a free map from 1963 for Herb Feiler’s Rip Tide Bar on Dock Road in Beach Haven

Herb Feiler’s Rip Tide Bar was also known as “The Antlers”. It was on Dock Road in Beach Haven, next to the Acme / Ketch / Bird and Betty’s.  It was a popular hangout and boasted Herb Feiler at the Organ. I love the Volkswagen Bug in the ad.  The phone number was the old style of named phone exchanges. In this case, Hyacinth 2 equated to 492, an exchange that is still in use. 

The Rip Tide has long since been torn down. 

A later view before The Rip Tide was torn, down


An ad for Herb Feiler's Rip Tide Bar from 1963



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