1963 Ad for

Big Day Fishing ad – 1963


An ad from a free map from 1963 for the Big Day fishing boat.

1963 Advertisement for

I wonder if she’s still around. I don’t remember Coney’s Dock. It was on West Ave which means is was somewhere in Liberty Thorofare in Beach Haven. . The area between 2nd Street and Dock Road was known for a long time as “the Public Docks”.

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  1. Coney’s dock and the Boat Big Day which Charlie Coney and his son owned was next to the black whale which was owned by I’m going to say the last name was Schoenberg.
    At Connie’s dock he would rent out boats with motors small boats he also had fishing gear bait tackle etc and there was a little store where you could get candy ice cream milk bread.
    Charlie Coney also had the foresight to have cabins to rent for the summer crowd that would come down.
    Charlie Coney also lived in the winter in I’m going to say Pompano Beach Florida.
    Charlie was a former hairdresser and gave up the business from what I remember because he had health issues.
    As a young child growing up we started going to Connie’s dock in 1948-1949. My mother was a single mother and would take one week vacations from her job and we’d head to Beach Haven Coney’s dock for a week then gradually over the years we would build up to being able to stay for a month.
    Terrific memories of the fishing boats coming in and the fisherman standing there on the piers cleaning their fish me watching diligently and learning how to fillet fluke.
    We would be given fresh fluke flounder cleaned and we’d have it for breakfast.
    Learn how to swim very quickly when I was pushed off the pier into the barnegat Bay

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