A look at Long Beach Island, New Jersey

1963 ad for Rudy’s Dock


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Rudy’s Dock has not existed for a couple of decades. 

Rudy’s Dock was typical of the small marinas that dotted the coast. In the 1960’s there was Stilts Marina on 14th Street, Rudy’s Dock on 19th and Sportsman’s Marina on 20th. Of the three, only Sportsman’s survives today.

There was a dock for slip rentals, a small shop for outboard engine repair as well as bait and tackle. Many of these marina’s rented small garveys or open outboard boats. Many marinas offered fuel. Rudy’s offered ski boat rentals as well,

1963 ad for Rudy's Outboard Motor Shop and Dock in North Beach Haven

Rudy’s was a couple of blocks from my house and when we were kids, we would stop in to fill our bike tires. If we did it too much, Rudy would yell that the air wasn’t free. On the other hand, he let us come back.

Rudy’s Dock is now a private residence.

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