A look at Long Beach Island, New Jersey

1920 Aerial view of Barnegat Light


This is an aerial view of Barnegat Light and the Barnegat Inlet from a 1920’s survey by the Army Corps of Engineers. 

If you want to zoom in on the image, try a right-click, open in a new tab. Your browser should allow you to zoom.

The image below was from a 1920 aerial Survey of the New Jersey Coastline. You can see the Barnegat Lighthouse with the Keeper’s house.

Below and to the left of the lighthouse at about the 7 O’clock position, on the oceanfront, is most likely the Oceanic Hotel. 

If you look at the 11 O’clock position from the lighthouse, you can see a large building that is most likely the Sunset Hotel. 

The Barnegat Light Museum has memorabilia from the Oceanic and Sunset Hotels. 

The original images are available at the Army Corps of Engineers site

Aerial View of Barnegat Light from a 1920 Survey
Aerial View of Barnegat Light from a 1920 Survey

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