A look at Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Long Beach Island Shipwrecks


I was looking at the New Jersey Maritime Museum’s site and came across a link to Shipwrecks along the New Jersey Coast. 

The Shipwrecks map is a google map with locations of shipwrecks along the coast. The map and shipwreck database is the work of the New Jersey Maritime Museum. See their shipwreck database page for detailed information including additions and corrections. 

I always knew that there were shipwrecks but I didn’t realize that the numbers were so high.  

The anchor from the wreck of the Fortuna is displayed in front of the Ship Bottom City hall. Note that the Fortuna was not the wreck that gave Ship Bottom it’s name.  You can see the actual location of the wreck on the map. 

The New Jersey Maritime Museum, located in Beach Haven is definitely worth a visit. In addition to the memorabilia and artifacts, they have an extensive research library. 

Featured image : Dieterich01 / Pixabay

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