A look at Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Boats in a cove – 1970s North Beach Haven


Vintage boats in a cove at the end of 17th Street in North Beach Haven in the early 1970s

There was a cove at the end of 17th Street in North Beach Haven. It provided some natural shelter from a rough bay and wakes. Over the years the ‘point’ eroded and the cove no longer exists. 

In it’s heyday, there would be about 20 boats of all types moored their. Owners would put metal poles or swamp screws for a mooring with pilings driven into the marsh for the stern lines. 

A cove full of boats - North Beach Haven 17th Street - Early 1970's

The blue tri-hull was a 15′ MFG bow rider built in 1969 or 1970. The boat to the left is an older wooden Penn Yan outboard. You can see a Garvey at the top right of the picture. Some boaters with smaller engines would carry them to the boat and clamp them on. 

See this Aerial Photo of the boats in the cove for a different perspective. 

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