Lucy Evelyn 1960s Bow

Lucy Evelyn Late 1960’s


Views of the Schooner Lucy Evelyn that was beached in Beach Haven as a gift shop. 

These photos were from the late 1960’s. The current Schooner’s Wharf is located about where the Lucy Evelyn sits in these Pictures and in the space where I’m standing. 

Lucy Evelyn 1960s Bow

The picture below is a little closer shot of one of her anchors. Some of the anchor chain remains as of 2020 in Schooner’s Wharf. See below for a photo of what is almost certainly this anchor in 2020

Lucy Evelyn Beach Haven 1960s Bow and Anchor
See below for the anchor in 2020

This is a shot from the street showing the portal cut into her starboard side. This was the doorway into the ship.

Lucy Evelyn Beach Haven 1960's Starboard side

The anchor today

If you are walking south on Bay avenue and go up the first stairway to the Schooner’s Wharf, look to the right as you go up the steps. It is where the sign is for the kite shop

Sign at the Schooner's Wharf where you will find an anchor from the Lucy Evelyn
Cast Iron Anchor from the Schooner Lucy Evelyn - Schooner's Wharf, Beach Haven
Cast Iron Anchor from the Schooner Lucy Evelyn – Schooner’s Wharf – Beach Haven
Another view of the Schooner Lucy Evelyn's cast iron anchor

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