A House on a private island off Beach Haven, Long Beach Island

The House on the island off Beach Haven


There is a solitary house on a small private island off Center Street in Beach Haven. 

The small house has been on the island for years. Zillow says that it was constructed in 2007 but it has been there far longer than that going back perhaps to the 1950’s. 

According to Zillow, the address is 4 Little Island. If you look at a Coastal Nautical Chart, the island is not named. Parker Island is the larger island that lies between the house and Long Beach Island. 

The only way to get to the island is by boat.. Well, excluding swimming, jet packs, helicopters or a trebuchet. 

Check out the Zillow Listing for some pictures of a very impressive interior. It appears that it may be for sale for around 1.8 Million as of August 2020.  

Below is a view of the house from the Buoy Bar. The Buoy Bar is the rooftop bar at Tucker’s Tavern. You can see the island and the house to the right of the umbrella pole. 

Below is the location of the house. Please keep in mind that it is a private island. 

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