A look at Long Beach Island, New Jersey


Long Beach Island has a long and fascinating history. The island was used by Native Americans as a hunting and fishing spot. There are rumors of visits by Viking longboats and pirates. During the Victorian era, Beach Haven and Barnegat Light grew quickly. A railroad replaced steam and sailboats as the means to bring visitors to the island.

Morrison’s Restaurant

Morrison’s Restaurant was a classic LBI restaurant. It had been serving great seafood since the 1940’s. It’s position adjacent to the intercoastal waterway and large windows provided a parade of boats for diners. The volume of boats dropped off significantly as time progressed. In the earlier days, you would see a continuous procession of  everything from well worn garveys to expensive sport fishermen while you enjoyed great seafood. Continue reading

Aerial photos of the aftermath of the March 1962 Northeaster

Here are some photos of the aftermath of the March 1962 Northeaster storm. The first photo is of the intersection of 17th and Waverly in North Beach Haven. That storm devastated Long Beach Island with wind and flooding damage.

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