Banner plane crash in the bay – perhaps 1970s

There was a recent crash in 2020 of a banner plane in 2020 where two lifeguards rescued the pilot.  That plane crashed into the ocean. This is a photo of a crash in the bay from perhaps the late 1970’s or maybe the 1980’s. 

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Unusual event at the Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant Jan 7 2018. All is normal now

The Oyster Creek plant is back to normal after reducing power due to an ‘unusual event’. This was due to unusually low tides. Apparently unusually low tides caused concern about the availability of coolant water. Power was reduced as a precaution

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Plane Crash in the bay off Beach Haven

Apparently some guy launched a small seaplane from the boat ramp at Beach Haven. He got about 30′ in the air and crashed. It seems that he is OK.

Read the full story in the Asbury Park Press.

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