Classic Wood Yacht – Tuckerton Creek circa 1990’s

This classic wood yacht was at the head of Tuckerton Creek by the Stewart’s Root Beer docks for a number of years. My best guess on the last time I saw her was probably in the late 1990’s

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Boat Ramps on Long Beach Island

There are a number of Boat Launching ramps on Long Beach Island. Most of them charge a fee. Parking varies at each lot.

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The Tuckerton – Long Beach Island Railroad.

A railroad once ran to Long Beach Island. Once on the island, the tracks split. One line went north to Barnegat Light and the other went south to Third Street in Beach Haven.  You may have wondered about the extra lanes on the boulevard. These were where sidings were for the railroad. When the automobile bridge was opened, the new boulevard followed the railroad. It had to go around the sidings. Today they are simply a place for extra parking.

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