The Parry House in Beach Haven 1800's

The Parry House in Beach Haven


The Parry House was one of the earlier hotels on Long Beach Island. Bonds Long Beach House preceded it. It was a 200 bed hotel.

The engraving below is from a collection at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s library.
Historian John Bailey Lloyd provides an excellent account of the early days of Beach Haven and the various grand hotels in his Eighteen Miles of History On Long Beach Island. The Parry House was opened in 1874 and burned down in 1881. As Beach Haven grew, the manager of the Parry House left to open the Engleside Hotel. When the Parry House burned, the investors opened the Baldwin Hotel. The old engraving above shows life in the 1800’s at a typical seashore hotel of the Victorian Period.
The engraving was from an atlas of the Jersey shore by Woolman and Ross
The Parry House in Beach Haven 1800's
The Parry House in Beach Haven 1800’s

Additional reading on the Parry House in Beach Haven.

  • New York Times – A small article describing the loss of the Parry House to fire on August 12th 1881.  (NY Times subscription required)

1874 …. Charles Parry, also president of the Philadelphia based Baldwin Locomotive Works builds the Parry House hotel on Centre Street.

1881 – In August, the Parry House burns to the ground. No one is injured, but it reemphasizes the town’s need for a fire company.

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