The Surf City Boat Ramp

Boat Ramps on Long Beach Island


There are a number of Boat Launching ramps on Long Beach Island. Most of them charge a fee. Parking varies at each lot.

Each ramp is unique as to the depth depending on the tide and facilities such as floating ramps. Always watch for drop-offs at the end of the ramp. Most ramps offer daily, weekly and seasonal rates.

Carefully check the conditions of the ramps before launching or retrieving your boat. Also check to see if fees/permits are required or if the ramp is for residents only.

On Lbi

Off Island

Barnegat Light

The ramp is located at 10th street and Bayview Avenue.

Beach Haven

The Beach Haven Boat ramp is located on 9th Street and Boat Ramp Drive near Bay Village.

  • Parking is often limited or restricted for special events such as the Chowder Fest
  • Bathrooms are available in the adjacent park

Ship Bottom

The Ship Bottom Ramp is located just south of the Causeway bridge. The 25 MPH limit on the side streets is strictly enforced. Bathrooms are available.

The Ship Bottom Boat Ramp - Pic 2005
The Ship Bottom Boat Ramp – Pic 2005

Surf City

The Surf City Boat Ramp
The Surf City Boat Ramp

The ramp is located on Division Avenue. It does not show as a ramp on Google Maps. However, the satellite photo below shows it’s exact location

 Off Island

There are some public and private ramps on the mainland. The conditions at the ramps as well as fees will vary.

Barnegat Township Municipal Ramp

Captain Mike’s on Great Bay Boulevard.

This puts you in the vicinity of Great Bay, Little Egg / Beach Haven inlet and Little Egg Harbor.

Cedar Run Dock Road

This is located at the end of Cedar Run Dock Road adjacent to Antionettas Restaurant.  The ramp provides easy access to the bay.

Great Bay Boulevard

About 1 mile south of the entrance to Tuckerton Creek at the mouth of Big Thorofare.

Great Bay Boulevard

There is a ramp that seems to be in very poor condition in an abandoned marina. It is doubtful that anything larger than a very small boat can be launched there.

Parker Run

The ramp is at the end or Parker Run on Dock Street.

West Creek

There is a small ramp about half way down West Creek on Dock Road. I’m not sure if this is public or private. Check before using

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  1. I am looking for boat launch with slings. I have bad back. I came from Washington State and they had boat launches with slings.

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