A look at Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Minnows in the street


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During tidal flooding you can sometimes see minnows, grass shrimp or even crabs in the street.

Long Beach Island is only a few feet above sea level. The storm drains empty into the bay. During  a flood tide, the bay water often comes up through the drains.  You can often see minnows who found their way from the bay to the street. 

Below you can see a drain that is beginning to overflow from a high tide. The drain is only about 100′ from the bay. 

A street beginning to flood with the bay coming through the storm drains.

Below is a video of a minnow who happened to find it’s way to the street via the storm drain. 

This shows the importance of being very careful as to what enters the storm  drains. Fertilizers, pesticides and dog droppings will easily find their way into the bay

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