A look at Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Barnegat Light

Barnegat Light is the northernmost town on Long Beach Island. It is know for the Barnegat Lighthouse, The Viking Village, the Barnegat Light Museum and more.  Commercial fishing vessels and party boats are based out of Barnegat Light due to the easy access to the ocean.

Barnegat Light is also home to Coast Guard Station Barnegat.

The Tuckerton – Long Beach Island Railroad.

A railroad once ran to Long Beach Island. Once on the island, the tracks split. One line went north to Barnegat Light and the other went south to Third Street in Beach Haven.  You may have wondered about the extra lanes on the boulevard. These were where sidings were for the railroad. When the automobile bridge was opened, the new boulevard followed the railroad. It had to go around the sidings. Today they are simply a place for extra parking.

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The Barnegat Light Museum

The Barnegat Light Museum is located in Barnegat Light at Central Avenue and Fifth Street. You can easily miss the museum as most people take Broadway to the Barnegat Lighthouse.  The museum is well worth a visit, especially for the original first order fresnel lens from the lighthouse. 

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