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Tuckerton Creek – Scenes from 2009


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Tuckerton Creek is one of the oldest seaports in the United States. Here are a few scenes from 2009

The mouth of Tuckerton Creek can be reached from the Bay. The creek goes all the way up to Route 9.  If you go by boat, bring plenty of bug repellent. However, the scenery is worth the trip. Idyllic might be a good description. It also presents countless opportunities for photographs.

At the end of the creek, you will find a Stewarts Root Beer and the Tuckerton Seaport Museum, both of which have docking for boats up to about 25′.

The reproduction of the Tucker's Island Lighthouse at the Seaport Museum on the Tuckerton Creek
The reproduction of the Tucker’s Island Lighthouse at the Seaport Museum.

Tucker’s Island is somewhat of an “Atlantis of Long Beach Island“.  It was an island with a small community located near the Beach Haven / Little Egg Inlet. Constant erosion eventually destroyed the island, community and lighthouse. 

A recreation of the Hotel de Crab at Tuckerton Seaport. The original hotel was on Dock Street in Beach Haven
A recreation of the Hotel de Crab at Tuckerton Seaport. The original hotel was on Dock Street in Beach Haven

The Hotel de Crab was an earlier, smaller hotel in Beach Haven. It was located on Dock Street near the location of the current day  Bird and Betty’s restaurant and bar.  The hotel was much smaller than the later, more elegant Engleside and Parry House hotels. 

Dingy - Tuckerton Creek
Rowboat - Tuckerton Creek
Rowboat – Tuckerton Creek

Many of the vintage boats and homes remain. However, development is encroaching and the boats are slowly disappearing. If you want to capture photos of these old boats, don’t procrastinate.

Getting to Tuckerton Creek.

The best way to see the creek is by boat. If you are using your boat, use caution and check out the latest nautical charts. Noaa chart 12316 will show the area but there isn’t a lot of detail for the creek.  The channel is marked but as always, be cautious. There is also one no anchoring zone due to underwater cables. 

The Tuckerton Seaport offers cruises that would give you a great opportunity to photograph the scenes.

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